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Meet the team of experts and partners behind the plastic footprint methodology


  • The story of the PFN: what it is, why it is created, who is behind it, what is its goal and how will it help support the UN Treaty ambitions

  • Who is the PFN for

  • What is plastic footprinting and how can it be actioned for impact (case study and examples)

  • What content will you find in the PFN (summary of the modules)

  • The PFN governance

  • Presentation of the platform hosting modules

The Plastic Fooptrint Network team will organise this Introduction Webinar at two time slots in order to accomodate participants all over the globe living on different time zones.

November 29th / 10:00AM CET (09:00AM UTC)

November 29th /03:00PM CET (02:00PM UTC)

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