Building frameworks for plastic pollution mitigation

The Plastic Footprint Network was established to unify methodologies for conducting Plastic Footprint assessments and to create and advocate for the adoption and scaling of a single, up-to-date framework to be used by organizations to assess and mitigate the environmental impact of their plastic use.

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The Path to Pollution Mitigation through Plastic Footprinting

Assessment Methodology

In 2023 PFN unified existing methodologies into a single system for science-based plastic leakage assessments. The resulting methodology is made up of various modules, each designed to support global organizations with accurately measuring the environmental impact of their plastic use.

Target Setting & Mitigation

PFN is actively formulating a science-based framework in alignment with the Plastics Treaty to enable organizations to set measurable and achievable targets once their Plastic Footprint assessment is complete. With well-established and clear targets, true progress can be made in tracking and mitigating the sources of plastic pollution.

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Leading organizations have united within the Plastic Footprint Network to chart a new, more effective path toward plastic pollution mitigation.

The network’s successful collaboration is built on pillars of: open, non-competitive and productive dialog; leveraging science and supporting ongoing research; and broadly empowering global stakeholders (product manufactuers, brand owners, treaty negotiators, regulators, consultants, NGOs, etc) to effectively do their part to address the plastic pollution crisis.

Plastic Footprint Network Members and Collaborators

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All individuals and organizations that are committed to using robust science and collaboration to create solutions to the plastic pollution crisis are invited to join the Plastic Footprint Network.

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